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We are The Galadhrim. A close group of outcasts, heroes, nobody’s and somebody’s, living together in Middle Earth as friends and allies in battle. We represent the Elves, the Dwarves, Men, and ofcourse the Hobbits as a community of friends, accepting everybody. Weather you are a fierce warrior, always looking for a fight, or a humble explorer, walking sleepless trough the night, you can always come home to a burning fire and tell your stories, till daylight shines trough the windows of our kinship house, and the keg has given us his last drop of his finest ale.

Then you can wander off again, to do whatever you want to, knowing, that whenever you need aid of one of your friends, all you have to do is shout, and somebody will answer.

The Galadhrim Kinship rules/guidelines.

• Helping other members is not a rule, but keep in mind that if you are level 75, and you help others on their lower levels, or even help alts ‘grow up’, finally it is beneficial to the kinship, because the more level 75’s we have in the kinship, the more choice we will have in players who wish to register for high level (end-) game content, the more fun it is to play as a level 75. And of course, you liked it when other players helped you, didn’t you?
• Try to keep the chat alive. We are a social-community based kinship, please keep that in mind. Get involved into kinship-discussions.
• Same rule for the forum. Try to keep our community going by using it.
• Respect all members in the kinship.
• You are expected to behave maturely in all your dealings within and outside the kinship. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
• As a kinship, you can see all members as friends, or family. You don’t rip off your family and friends, so you won’t try to make any money on your kinship members. Asking money for crafting ingredients is fine, but asking money for just making it is not.
• All items in the kinship chests (in our kinship house) are free to take, but again, don’t try to make money on them. If you take something, try to put something back you think others could use, please.
• In a fellowship: don’t use need on items your don’t really need for the character you are playing. Use greed. You may want to check with your fellowship regarding needing on hides/beryls/scholar items etc.
• If you break the rules, you will get a warning. 3 warnings is a free "get out of the kin ticket".
• Have fun!
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